Campaign design

Designed logo, website, and all collateral for a citywide referendum.

A message for the Fair & Equal campaign.

Three images used in the Fair & Equal referendum.

Referencing icons of the long struggle for voting rights.

Designed website, logo, campaign assets, and digital strategy for the mayoral election in Hudson, 2015.

A series for the Tiffany Martin Mayoral campaign, highlighting various issues.

Manhattan User’s Guide was launched in 1992 and moved to the web in 2003. This daily email, created to help New Yorkers get the most out of New York, was voted, in a worldwide competition, the Best Local Blog in 2009. (MUG’s logo and website are by a different designer.)

Clients asked for a Dr. Caligari-inspired poster.

Logo for a proposed website.

Home page for a proposed website.

An initiative for dog owners.